Neurodiversity is a word that refers to the ways brains differ. These differences are grouped into conditions. This website helps you understand some common ones.


Neurodiversity Wiki is a crowdsourced website that aims to spread awareness about neurological conditions. We define neurodiversity as all the ways in which our brains work differently.

There are millions of neurodiverse people in the world. Yet knowledge about most neurological conditions is often none or close to it. The lack of knowledge leads to stigmatisation, insensitive jokes, misconceptions, and ableism. When understanding increases, there’s a chance that the former decreases. More people would also be comfortable telling others about themselves and asking for help.

This website tackles the information problem by providing short and easy-to-read information. We believe that content should be short, and to the point. To maximise potential reach, it shouldn’t be a blog post, be written in medical language, be too long, be local to one country, or be buried deep behind marketing. We couldn’t find a website that fulfilled these goals, so we made one.

Who are we?

We’re a group of neurodiverse people who are collaborating on content aiming to spread knowledge and understanding about neurodiversity and various neurological conditions. We’re writing from our life experiences to help more people understand us.

The contents of this page is based on a Google doc. Feel free to suggest changes.